Como Liberar Nosotros de Manera Sostenible del Imperialismo Digital?

Jérémie Zimmermann - @jerezim

(Iwould really like to speak in Spanish, even if my spoken Spanish is quite bad. Still I will write the description here in English, as my written Spanish is even worse ;)

What does "liberating technology" mean today, as we speak of technologies entirely in the hands of the cyber-militaro-industrial complex,?

The "Bullrun" program revealed by Ed Snowden shows to which extent the NSA and its myriad of private and public partners actively infiltrated all of widespread communication technology, to gain permanent access to users data. What are the consequences of generalized mass surveillance, state-sponsored paranoïa, and of computers turned into our enemies on our ability to organize and sustain political movements? How can individuals build material, affective and political solidarities without fear of government or corporate interference?

A durable solution for the autonomy of individuals and their political spaces must rely on libre software, but should also integrate the critical questions of libre hardware, decentralized services and end-to-end encryption, all combined together.

Beyond developing these technologies, how can we organize ways to develop the development of these technologies, beyond borders and political differences?