Private is, when your service provider does not know who you talk to

Mikalai Birukou - @3NSoft

When it comes to electronic communication, a few tools are named as privacy protecting: email with PGP (SMTP+PGP), Jabber with OTR (XMPP+OTR), Signals. Unfortunately, in all of these solutions server (third party) knows who talks to who. These preserve only privacy of the content, but do nothing to preserve privacy of users by making server aware of who talks to who. At the very best one may be pseudo-anonymous, which is not being anonymous. Who-s-who metadata can be stolen from an operator either via technical hack, or via human compulsion.

We can do better.

I want to present an Authenticated Secure Mail protocol (ASMail), that follows 3N principle (see ): - with No plain text on a server, - with No unnecessary metadata on a server, - there is Nothing to steal from the server

In ASMail, recipient always cryptographically assured about sender's identity. Hacker cannot send you a trojan, pretending to be your friend, -- cryptography will not let him do this. At the same time, server does not know who sends mail to you, and it does not know when and to who you send mail.

With real privacy, ASMail protocol has a structure that allows for features like streaming video mail, huge-size message, etc., dispelling a belief that privacy always comes at a cost of convenience.