The Role of Free Software in Developing Markets (India and Kenya)

AnonCicada - @AnonCicada

This talk will focus on the positive implications of the free software movement in states such as India and Kenya and will revolve around the socio-cultural change in perspective it has brought about - such as the improvements in the educational sector and their impacts on small independent businesses . I will also feature my research on Free Basics (anti-freedom) in the above states and how public perception is shaping the non-adoption of said software. An increasingly educated distrust for internet and telecommunications monopolies will lead these states to a more free society wherein their liberties are not in harms way .

The last 10-15 minutes will delve into possible censorship events in these areas and how free software such as Tor has helped users circumvent them. I will use data from Tor Metrics and statistical analysis to determine a causal link (via stochastic dominance) to real world censorship events.